Custom Web Design

This post was most recently updated on May 1st, 2019

What We Do

We create custom, search engine friendly websites using the latest techniques to ensure your business stands out and conveys your message to your target audience. A well designed and easy to navigate site will help keep people on your site and turn window shoppers into buyers.

Your website is now your most important element in your marketing with most potential new customers looking for your website first before ever contacting you or making a trip to your location. A professionally design custom website will immediately show your business as a trusted and strong company.

A poorly designed website that doesn’t display correctly in all the major browsers can lose you the battle before it’s begun. A modern robust website should make it easy for your customers to find out what you do and how they can obtain your goods or services.
We make sure your website is user friendly, easy to find and a reflection of the professional image you wish to convey.

With your site built on a trusted platform like Joomla, WordPress or Magento we can deploy your solution in a matter of days and weeks with a customized look and feel that matches your business identity.

Our Experience

We’ve been designing and deploying websites for over a decade, we have a comprehensive knowledge of how to build robust and dynamic websites, we started out learning the business from the core code to the front end. We understand what is required to design, build, deploy and maintain all kinds of websites and web resources.
Now in our 15th year in Brevard, FL you can trust that we’ll be around to support and maintain your website for years to come.

Quality Responsive Design

Quality custom web design requires professional graphics as well as a complete understanding of interactivity, navigation and content architecture. Websites display differently in different browsers from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari to Chrome. We take the time to make sure your site functions correctly and looks it’s very best on every device.

Social Media

We can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts right into your site. For content management and ecommerce this can include the ability to share posts and products.
Leveraging social media is a vital part of website marketing and we ensure your site is enabled and optimized for that purpose.


We build sites using the best technology and code for the job required, you don’t need to understand what these scripting or coding languages mean, that’s our job. We utilize the best possible applications, extensions, plug ins etc to deliver the functionality your website requires tied in with our years of graphic design experience to make it look good too!


Click on the contact button and we’ll reply within 24hrs, if you’d like a quick chat about your requirements click on the live help button. Your first consultation is always free with no obligation. We look forward to welcoming you as a Max Q Designs, Inc client soon.